made-to-order / material based

"sideboard", ca. 180x77x40 cm
oak plank, copper

one oak plank was cut into 4 pieces and add together with copper plates without using glue, screws or nails

"book shelf", ca. 450x50x240 cm
vintage sideboard, oak plank, boxes made of MDF, different veneers, glossy varnish, HPL

the mission was to create a bookshelf based on an old sideboard designed by werner aisslinger for vitra.
i´d like to increase the plain, so a big wooden plank was lay down at the board. some boxes were accumulated at one end so the other end could be strained.
some of the boxes can be moved, some not. so you can have a everyday game of balance.

"josephine´s and the sliding gates"
MDF, varnish

a client once bought one of my sideboards called "josephine". later he asked me to think about a special solution for the doors in his narrow corridor. we decided to implement them as sliding doors.
so "josephine´s" came in contact with the "sliding gates".