usable 3D-sketches

instead of drawing sketches sometimes i really like to transport my ideas into a useable object. so i start working with a piece i chose and a simple plan. the shape, the proportions, the colours also the function are originated by doing.
fast impacts, work flow, intuition, every few minutes a decision to be made -
one day one 3D-sketch.
i really like this working structure because of it´s focusized and determined character.
this is what i like to name "freie gestaltung".

"der herr schrank und seine damen" (old cabinets, old hooks)

"traktor" and "bugatti" (my grandparents beds, one bed - one seat, solide made of oak)
lounge seats

"cut-out" (old cabinets, dc-fix foil)
boards and cabinets