the pieces in this heading arose by projects which i was asked to join them. mostly workshops or exhibitions with a special theme.

"fossil", ca. 700x200x250 cm
2 beech trees

the trees had to go but the schoolchildren like them so much so they decided that the beech trees should stay for a while

2011, depot basel "prelude 01 - a dialogue"

pieces for depot basel:
- "clustered displays"

(some of the photos: julian renault)

2010, olgahospital, stuttgart, innovation award

the topic was to fill a small gap between the wall of a new-built hospital for children and a massive retaining wall with an art installation. so i put in some big ballons, starting to glow, changing their height and colour linked to the daily weather forecast. if the weather will be bad - the ballons glow happy. the children can watch out the windows, see the dark clouds are coming but the ballons start to rise and glow in funny colours.
that was my solution for the awkward situation the patients are in.
the jury was sure that the children will love it - so it was worth a special prize for innovation