2008-2010, exhibition project "ehemaliges kulturhaus, zeißholz"

an old culture house in a really small village (....less than 200 inhabitants) somewhere in the forests near dresden was renewed step by step. my help was to organize annual art exhibitions with artist all over europe. for a pleasant ambience i built a café where the residents and the foreigners could meet for teatime.

catalog layout by 2xgoldstein

2009-2012, cooperation//STANDARD

cooperation of 3 friends of mine and myself. we created everyday-products, won the silver prize for jewellery in legnica/poland, had some really nice projects and the most of the time we had much more fun than playing golf together.
- "paper brooch"
- "seal ring"
(photos: christian metzler)

2011, depot basel "prelude 01 - a dialogue"

pieces for depot basel:
- "drawn shelf and stools"
- "disquared shelf"
- "clustered displays"

(some of the photos: julian renault)

2012, depot basel "craft & scenography"

pieces for depot basel:
floor lamp, walking table and bowl
"something like a german relative"