catwalker, crowdwalker, squaredancer, babel and some of the ants try to argue josephine into going on a trip over the seven seas to a place called "grimm´s heaven".
no one knows if she´s coming along with...


pieces for depot basel "craft & scenography":


"catwalker" with laura pregger

2010 - dato

- "babel"-series, stool/side table, ca. 30x40x45cm, MDF, varnish, choice of old chair and table feets
- "crowdwalker", high side table, ca. 100x45x110cm, MDF, glossy varnish, a lot of old table legs
- "squaredancer", high board/thinking table, ca. 100x90x110cm, MDF, glossy and matt varnish, turned legs of old stacking tables